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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Story thing I made up

Here's the story I made up. Please let me know what you think of it!! Pretty Pretty please!!!!

Happily Married
A Day Dream,
By, Yuki

"Yuki dear, would you pass the wasabi?" My husband asked.
"Of course" I said as I passed the green clump of spicy horseradish.
"Thank you."

My husband, Gackt, is a Japanese singer. He is extremely popular. In fact, it's very hard to go grocery shopping with him without a fan girl running up to him begging to have her picture with him, his autograph, and many hugs. I just smile and let him take care of it and fulfill his duty as mega pop star. After all, he is "King of Japan" as "J-Rock Weekly" magazine quotes.

He is 5'11 and changes eye color, hair color, and hairstyle. So it's kind of hard to explain what he looks like. But take my word for it he's gorgeous. He is a luscious feast for the eyes and I get to stare at him all day. He plays many different instruments, but the ones he plays the most, are piano and guitar. He has a band and they are called "GacktJob". They are very nice, and we sometimes have them over for dinner. Even the ex- members, like Masa, comes over and sometimes Gackt and I have to go pick him up from the bar, because he calls us drunk, and we have to drive him home.

"Yuki!" Gackt screamed.
"WHAT?!." I said as I ran from the living room where I was watching my best friend, Miyavi sing on some show. I was worried! He seemed hurt! But that's not what it seemed like as I ran into the bedroom. He had clothes all over the place. There were shirts on the lamps, pants were flung all over the bed, even MY clothes we everywhere. All of our clothes were all over there place. Even the stuff in out closets were all over the floor.
"Have you seen my tight, black, leather pants?" He said franticly.
"All this for leather pants?" I asked, raising my voice just a little.
"I NEED them for the show tomorrow! I can't go on Hey! Hey! Hey! Looking like I don't have clothes! I love those pants and I look good in them! Where are they?!?!" He looked so desperate and worried. Over these pants!
"Gackt! I took them to the cleaners earlier! Don't worry! They'll be done later today. I'm going to pick the up in" I looked at my watch, "In about an hour."
"Are you serious?"
"Yes! I swear! Call the cleaners!" He ran to me, picked me up, twirled me around, and then put me back on the ground.
"Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I was so worried!" I laughed.
"No problem. They looked a little dirty, so I took them to be cleaned." He sighed a big sigh of relief and then he started picking up all the clothes he had strewn all over the room.
"I'll clean this up. Can you make me a sandwich? I'm starving." I chuckled, said yes, and then went to make him a sandwich.

"Hey! Hey! Hey!" is one of Japan's biggest TV shows. They host many Japanese rock artists. Having Gackt on the show again is a big deal. Which is why he was freaking out about his favorite sexy leather pants.

I am a TV crew manager. I make lots of money by working backstage, making sure the people on the show have what they need and making sure all the sound and lights work. That is how Gackt and I met. He needed a marker to write autographs on guitar picks for some lucky person in the audience to win. When we looked into each other's eyes, I dropped the marker on the floor because I was in awe. I noticed he felt the same way, because when I finally picked up the marker and gave it to him and he took it, he said:
"Hello. Thanks for the Gackt, My name's marker. I- I- I mean, my name is Gackt and thank you very much for the marker." He seemed so embarrassed.
"Oh you're very welcome Gackt- San." I had to be polite, so I used a "San" after his name.
"My name is Yuki, and you're welcome for the marker. It's my job!" Then I ran backstage. I had met Gackt! They ultra-famous singer!
"And we're back with Hey! Hey! Hey!" The host announced as the commercial break was over.
And that's how Gackt and I met. We went on dates and after a year he proposed by writing and singing me a song, and then at the end, he pulled out a ring, got down on his knees and said:
"Yuki darling, I am so in love with you. We have been dating for a year and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?"
"Yes!" I know it's a pretty simple answer from the long speech thing he gave me, but I think "Yes" gets straight to the point! So we got married and we've been a happy couple for 3 years now. He even stopped putting other girls in his music videos and told his manager to stop putting other women in his photo shoots. He said that he was married to the greatest girl of all times, so he didn't need those women. And that was half true. He knew it would make me incredibly jealous and I might make death threats to the girls. So it wasn't really to prove his love for me, it was for the other girl's protection.

I'm still alive!!

Hey dudes!!!! Sorry I haven't been on in like FOREVER!!!!!!
Please forgive me!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing much has been going on. I'm gonna post a story I wrote later. It's cool. It's funny too ^_^

How have you guys been?

I love you guys!!,


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

To My BF Sarah!

WOoooOooHoooOoOOooO!!! Sarah, You're back! WOOHOO!!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Hellooooo everyone!
Hey Nadine, Of course I remember you!!! Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

Just so everyone is aware, my proflie picture is NOT me. I wanna put one of me on here...so you'll just have to wait!

I have a cold!! EWWW!!!! I HATE colds. They are so gross! AchOOoooOoOOOoooooOOo!! *SnifF sNifF* Hee hee. I don't like being sick :(


But Sonny makes me feel better :)

Peace out!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Hey ^_^

Howdy guys! Guess what? I just learned my 10 steps number 2 today! Except I don't remember 5-10. But I'm really good at 1-4! I'm so excited. Tae Kwon Do is the coolest thing I have ever taken! I'm serious! How have you guys been? My friend is coming over today. I'm excited. I haven't seen her since June. I hope we'll have fun. Yesterday was a very VERY good day.

Well I have to run,
Peace out,

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just me Yuki ^_^

Hey everyone! I have another Halloween party to go to on Saturday. But this time I get to dress up! I'm going to be a Fairy!!!! MY friends going to come too, but she doesn't know what she's going to be yet. I am going to wear a tutu, wings, a wand, knee socks, and what ever else I find that Fairy-ish. I'm really excited. I'm going to bake cookies and I hope they taste great. Choclate chip cookies...yummy! I don't think I'm going trick-or-treating because it's going to be WAY to cold. Cold = Gross. Well to me anyway.

Well take care everyone! I'm off to go watch a movie or something.

Peace out,
Yuki...your favorite fairy!

Sunday, October 22, 2006


How is everyone? I've been doing pretty much nothing this weekend. Listening to music, writing poems, writing music, ya know the usual.

What about you? I haven't been able to reach my best friend for a while. But that's ok.

See ya,


Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hey! Hey! Hey!

Hi everybody! How are you? Last night was fun. I saw alot of my old friends. Which I ened up only liking half of them! I got a new pair of shoes! They are pretty cool. It's so early in the morning! I'm still in pajamas! I woke up at 9:00 am. ON A SATURDAY!! I just couldn't sleep. It was weird. So what have you all been up to?
I better go!
Have a good morning ^_^ ,
Wahoo! It's hide dancing!

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